Roscoe Forthright Explains Sex Rituals

Roscoe lecture

The Tachikawa-ryu school of Tibetan Buddhism worked in Japan, around 1100 Common Era. The Sutra of Sacred Bliss and several Skull Rituals were entirely sexual, and very specific about which sex organs to use in which way. The monks spent much time discussing drinking vaginal fluids and drinking semen. Boys drank vaginal fluid and girls drank semen. The school was specifically heterosexual.

In my modern sex rituals, for the Sacred Followers of Roscoe Forthright, I have deliberately watered-down the original Tantric rituals. I wish to make the rituals attractive to young people in the 21st Century. Most modern young people will have no wish to drink menstrual blood. And few young people will wish to “spread vaginal fluid and semen 114 times over a skull.” The old rituals are specific like that. Even studly modern 18 year olds, might consider 114 ejaculations extreme, and modern young women would get bored touching themselves over and over again, just to spread pussy-juice 114 times over a skull.

I deliberately make our sex rituals practical and fun. Easy to perform. One or two cumshots on a skull is more than enough to raise up some spiritual energy. Truthfully, I think the old Japanese monks exaggerated the amounts of vaginal fluid and semen they used in those old rituals. Their use of menstrual blood remains a mystery to me. That seems completely unappealing for ritual purposes. It moves into the realm of fetishes, like drinking pee and eating feces. Not my cup of tea.

Using sex as part of a religious ritual is important for only one reason. It works. Our orgasms focus our minds, drawing our minds completely into a few specific moments of time. Really good orgasms can concentrate our full mental energy and much of our spiritual energy into 5 to 10 seconds of time. And orgasms feel so good. We want to have more than one, on many occasions, across many years of our lifetimes. Really good orgasms are so much more interesting than repeating scripted Christian prayers, or mumbling mantras in Sanskrit, or using language and repetition as the primary action of meditation. A hard cock or a wet vagina are much more fun.

Gushing semen, wet vaginae and many kinds of music require no back-story and no religious doctrine, and no scientific explanation. Orgasms and music often speak for themselves. The experience is its own explanation, and the experience is immediately understood as valuable and worthwhile. Little more is required. Spoken or written language is not needed to enhance or understand the experience.

The purpose of creating sex rituals, and using sex rituals is to gain deliberate control over our minds and bodies. Most of us gain some control after 5 or 6 years of fucking, but many people never make an effort to learn specific techniques of sexual self-control. A good sex ritual also helps people gain control over their own minds, over their own thought processes.

In this way it is very much like other forms of meditation. Sex rituals help us make the most of our sexual experiences. And can also train our minds to be self-disciplined and self-controlled in other areas of our lives. Especially in how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. In other words, sex rituals can enhance our ability to observe reality, and use our minds more effectively.

Ultimately, the goal for many people is spiritual experience, the ultimate spiritual experience, which is touching the Universal One-ness. In Christian terms, touching the Mind of God. A direct contact with God. But those concepts, and those interpretations of reality are not for everyone. Many people will be unable to make the leap from their physical body, even at the moment of orgasm… they will be unable to make the spiritual leap from their physical body to One-ness with God.

Truthfully, many people have limited imaginations, and have trouble imagining any interaction with God, or an interaction with a Cosmic One-ness. In our place and time, spiritual imagination is scattered, and often limits itself to the doctrines of this or that established religion. Even recent New Age movements of the 1970s and 1980s, and the religious ideas of various neo-pagan and occult schools of thought…. often personify One-ness, or limit the God-concept to images which are easy to visualize. In my view, One-ness is felt. It is not visualized, as an otherworldly landscape populated with angels or deities. In my view, One-ness does not require visualization, so much as it requires expansion of awareness, the awareness of things we feel. For this reason, I believe orgasms and music have the potential to stimulate spiritual experiences because they are immediately felt, rather than visualized, or stimulated by other non-sexual meditation techniques.

It is not my job to talk people into accepting these religious ideas, nor these forms of sexual meditation. I have no desire to convince anyone to accept any spiritual world-view which does not appeal to them. Or act out rituals they truly do not care about or understand. I never say: “Eat this bread, the body of Christ. Drink this wine, the blood of Christ.” The closest I get to those kind of sacraments is something much easier to understand… I might tell the beautiful young woman to swallow my sacred semen. And she will smile or laugh, and swallow. That kind of sacred ritual is much more fun, and requires no religious doctrines.

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