Roscoe Forthright: Masturbatory Spiritual Revelation with a Comic Book

DANCING ON THE WIDE RINGS OF SATURN. Space Opera, with original music.

Not all erotic novel-filmmakers can tell epic tales…. Star Wars level epic tales! And make it more fun, and far more grown-up than Stars Wars. DANCING ON THE WIDE RINGS OF SATURN is for grown-up men and women with wet vaginae and aching erections. (We did not get much of that in Stars Wars)

In Star Wars, we did not get household-cleaning droids falling in love with humans. Droid Susie has her vibrator ready, and is looking for some fun! She nuzzles the buzzing machine against her breast-plates, and looks longingly at a human female.

Star Trek was slightly more grown-up than Star Wars, with sexy shower scenes. But we still had no spurting cocks nor orgasmic vaginae. And never, not one single episode written about inserting a butt-plug into a Star Queen. The opening story of SQUARE-DANCING ON THE WIDE RINGS OF SATURN, includes all the juicy details, as Capt. Theremin of the Starship Rimshot inserts a shiny butt-plug into the anus of the Delonia, Queen of the Vega Star-System! Read below. Read it. Jack it. And read some more!! And jack it some more for world peace. Jack it for intergalactic harmony and understanding.

Out Toward the Stars

Capt. Theremin has little experience with self-doubt. At 55-years old, he has flown most every type of modern space vessel, and visited twelve star-systems. His current job, as senior commander of the long-haul freighter, Starship Rimshot, has proven his mastery of both navigation and confident even-handed management of his crew. After all this, as he looks out his cabin window, seeing the large Red Eye of Jupiter in partial eclipse behind the gray surface of Ganymede, our Capt. has doubts. Laying on his bed, with her smooth thighs wide open, Delonia, Queen of the Vega Star-system, smiles and plays with her erect nipples. Our Capt. knows his aging body is up for any pleasant playtime with human females, but his love for Delonia overwhelms his reason. He is obsessed with her beauty and her laughter. No words enter his mind. Only joy. Only intense sexual desire.

The Capt. decides his tongue is not useful as a primary form of communication. He prefers music, or carefully chosen words on paper. At times, spontaneous speech strikes to the core of the matter, urgent ideas bypassing all censoring filters, and a person says exactly what they mean. More often intricate thoughts get lost in translation, the verbal ability not up to the task of detailed and specific communication.

This is especially true when attempting to voice intangibles: tenderness, love, sexual desire, spiritual experiences, and more. A simple idea: “I wanna fuck you in the ass,” is beautifully concise, detailing a specific plan of action. But, it does not include tenderness, love and the good sense of humor present at the moment those words are spoken.

A passing stranger, a person reading those words in a book, a person watching a video, may not fully appreciate the whole story. When the pretty, young and lovely Queen of a Star System, holds a shiny butt-plug up to her lover and says: “Put it in my ass.”

A casual reader might easily miss all the anticipation and pent-up joy both humans felt, perhaps for days, leading up to that one moment in time. Only if we have had personal experience with such things would we understand the pure physical pleasure for both the man and the woman, and realize the action is a sacred ritual, an expression of honest, mutual and joyful love.

In this manner, Capt. Theremin of the Starship Rimshot inserted a shimmery titanium celestial object into the anatomy of Delonia, Queen of the Vega Star-system.

A simple idea: “I wanna fuck you in the ass,” is beautifully concise, detailing a specific plan of action. Lt. Alastair McGonagal is a man of action!

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filmmaker, composer, goof-off sleaze-ball.

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