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Roscoe Forthright: Masturbatory Spiritual Revelation with a Comic Book

Not all erotic novel-filmmakers can tell epic tales…. Star Wars level epic tales! And make it more fun, and far more grown-up than Stars Wars. DANCING ON THE WIDE RINGS OF SATURN is for grown-up men and women with wet vaginae and aching erections. (We did not get much of that in Stars Wars) InContinue reading “Roscoe Forthright: Masturbatory Spiritual Revelation with a Comic Book”


FOR THE PAST THREE MONTHS Roscoe Forthright fans have eagerly awaited the online video-series, Beth’s Bedtime Stories. Beth Darmstadt lays nude on her bed, or someone else’s bed, on the back deck of a fishing boat, or in a pick-up truck screaming through the sage-brush in Montana. Wherever she happens to be Beth brings youContinue reading “BETH’S BEDTIME STORIES HAVE ARRIVED!!!”

Roscoe Forthright: Worship the Sacred and Wondrous, Creamy Jizz!

I am preaching nothing new. Many religious faiths include tributes to sexual energy and procreative power. I just cut through centuries of encrusted cultural censorship and get to the point: Cocks and vaginas are nothing short of miraculous. They create life, and also create a whole lot of fun, and a whole lot of troubleContinue reading “Roscoe Forthright: Worship the Sacred and Wondrous, Creamy Jizz!”

Roscoe Forthright Explains Sex Rituals

Roscoe lecture The Tachikawa-ryu school of Tibetan Buddhism worked in Japan, around 1100 Common Era. The Sutra of Sacred Bliss and several Skull Rituals were entirely sexual, and very specific about which sex organs to use in which way. The monks spent much time discussing drinking vaginal fluids and drinking semen. Boys drank vaginal fluidContinue reading “Roscoe Forthright Explains Sex Rituals”

What is the agenda, after Covid?

Our Own Bodies Remain More Valuable Than Any A.I. If we asked the Glorious and Supreme Leaders of China, and the wild bunch of incompetents who run most of nations on our planet, and they might say: Our main concern is with human bodies, getting shit done by human labor, making money using millions ofContinue reading “What is the agenda, after Covid?”

Roscoe Forthright. Secret Cult Rituals!

Ritual no. 4 * Drinking the Nectar Within a clean, quiet place the worshipful couple bathes and sets their daily concerns outside the door. The man speaks: “I am ready to receive your joy in my mouth.” ~Kneeling or laying next the woman, he takes vaginal folds into his mouth, to lick and suck herContinue reading “Roscoe Forthright. Secret Cult Rituals!”

Viewers of Dr. Moze and Roscoe Forthright Get an Eyeful!

Anyone under 30, who wants a good bead on Reality, needs to read this book carefully.  Roscoe Forthright is describing your own life in the 21st Century, and presenting options, viable important options for the way you view your life, and the way you view your civilization.  Parts of the book are just silly fun…boysContinue reading “Viewers of Dr. Moze and Roscoe Forthright Get an Eyeful!”

Roscoe Forthright: GRIMOIRE

* ROSCOE FORTHRIGHT * * magnum opus erotica occultus * Being an exposition of 21st century witchcraft GRIMOIRE is an erotic occult novel following the spiritual awakening of Roscoe Forthright, Amber Riverwood, Gina Swan, Dr. Moze, Capt. Evil and others. Set in 21st Century Canada and the United States of America, we discover a CatholicContinue reading “Roscoe Forthright: GRIMOIRE”

Amber Riverwood. Witch

Violet Healing SpellTools Needed:WandPurple paperWhite yarn or stringScissorsFresh Violets (whole with stems in holder or vase)Black penPurple candle Incantation before all Healing Spells“By Earth and Water, Air and Fire,may the Elementals hear this wish,and offer Sources of Life and Light.Sources of the Day, the Sun.Sources of Night, the Moon.And the Powers of Fire, Air, WaterContinue reading “Amber Riverwood. Witch”

Exclusive Interview with Cult Filmmaker: Roscoe Forthright.

Gina Swan: How many of your films have I been in Roscoe? Roscoe Forthright: At least 99%! I lose track. I know you weren’t in Witch Sisters: Capt Evil— I was not even in that one. That was Eva, Bea, Rosalee and the handsome young man with the huge cock. I forget his name. TheContinue reading “Exclusive Interview with Cult Filmmaker: Roscoe Forthright.”